Monday, July 27, 2015

Lions, Tigers and TPT! Oh, My!

Well we did it! We both took the journey down the yellow brick road to Teachers Pay Teachers. We both have been making different things for our classrooms for years but never really got into the whole selling on TPT. With the help of a lot of wonderful and extremely helpful periscopes from some amazing teachers we both have posted some products on TPT. 

I am so proud and happy for both of us. I know that it's been something that I've wanted to do now for a long time. And I'm sure Katie feels the same way as I do. Can you tell how excited I am? Yay for TPT!!!

Here are two of the items that I posted:

The first one is the jobs that I use in my Hollywood themed classroom. I love using them and the kids get a kick out of how the jobs are actual names of jobs in Hollywood!

Hollywood Classroom Jobs

The second one is my school reminder notes. I use these to send home to parents for a quick reminder. My students love giving them to their parents and it even helps the students remember themselves about bringing in their school library book or to give papers for their parents to sign and return to school. 

We decided to each make a store. You can find us at 

Thank you again to all of the wonderful teachers who have helped us feel confident about our new journey on TPT! 


  1. Congratulations on starting your TPT store. You are brave. I have thought about it, read about it and then moved on with excuse after excuse! BUT I am impressed with your jump. Awesome. I hope you have the best of luck.

    1. Thanks! We feel like we create so much during the school year that we should just do it!

  2. Thanks for posting on my blog! You are awesome!!

  3. Hello! I'm excited to connect with both of you! I teach 3rd grade as well. I found your blog through the little fish linky. I look forward to learning more from you both!

    Sandy from Adventures of a Techy Teacher

    1. We are excited to Sandy! We recognize you from some to the periscopes we have been in! Thanks for coming by our blog. We are so excited about starting our blog!



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